Austromyrtus dulcis - small bush with fine leaves, excellent for a container. Produces a small white berry with blue speckles. One of the best of the Australian myrtaceae.

Campomanesia schlechtedaliana - this plant,with attractive foliage, is from southern Brazil and is said to produce a very good fruit.

Eugenia aggregata - Cherry of the Rio Grande-very tasty cherry like flavor, fruits up to 1.5"

Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama - another excellent cherry-like fruit.

Eugenia reinwardtiana - Cedar Bay Cherry - an Australian plant producing bright red fruits with a sweet flavor when only 18" tall

Eugenia uniflora - Surinam cherry - seedlings and grafted plants available. Grafted plants are "Lolita" and a couple of our own selections (one is "Sweet Orange" fruit almost 1.5",bright orange and very sweet, the other "Black Beauty" fruit almost 1.5" dark colored with an intense flavor)

Eugenia uvalha - large yellow fruits up to 2.5", very juicy with a tart flavor-best used in beverages

Hexachlamys edulis - similar to Eug. uvalha, but fruit has a sweeter flavor

Myrciaria cauliflora - Jaboticaba

Myrciaria tenella - a Jaboticaba producing sweet red fruit resembling the surinam cherry

Myrciaria sp. "Giant Jaboticaba"

Myrciaria sp. "Ribbed Jaboticaba"

Pimenta dioica - Allspice - fragrant leaves can used to season dishes, dried ground berries are the spice

Psidium acutangulum -"Guyaba agria" the flavor of this guava realtive is a combination of lemon and banana.It is used for juicing in Brazil

Psidium guajava - Guava - a couple varieties available, including a very attractive melanistic form which we call Maroon Guava

Psidium involucrata - attractive foliage, resembling a giant cattley guava; fruits 2.5" with a flavor between a cattley and a subtropical guava with a creamy texture

Psidiun variable - Red and Yellow Araca - probably varieties of the strawberry guava.seeds from Brazil were from fruits said to be superior to the strawberry guava.

Sysygium jambos - Rose Apple - interesting fruits taste like a rose smells; large white flowers and red wine colored new foliage make this an attractive plant in the landscape as well

Syzygium leuhmanni - "Spice Berry" New growth is an attractive pink color on this Australian native.Fruits are about 3/8" long, bright red/orange and bell shaped, in clusters (about 3" long)of about 30 fruits; flavor is sweet and spicy like "pumpkin pie spices"

Syzygium samarangense - Wax Jambu - named cultivars grafted onto Rose apple rootstock.

Ugni molinae - Chilean guava -This attractive small leafed plant is an excellent container plant, cutting grown.Fruits are great for eating right off the plant , or added to cereal like blueberries.They made Queen Victorias favorite jam from this fruit.


Annona cherimola - Cherimoya - grafted plants of: "Booth" "Fino de Jete" "Honeyheart" "Pierce" and "Nata"

Annona diversifolia -Ilama-"Red Genova" grafted onto cherimoya rootstock.

Annona muricata - Guanabana- requires protection from winter cold

Atemoya - grafted plants of "African Pride"

Rollinia deliciosa - cold sensitive, but producing a yellow fruit said to be among the best of the annonas.


Chrysophyllum cainito - Caimito or Star Apple - various sized seedlings from both green and purple fruit

Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla

Pouteria campechiana - Canistel

Pouteria obovata - Lucuma - seedling and grafted plants available.

Synsepalum dulcificum - Miracle Fruit - Cutting grown plants are ideal for containers. Bright red fruits make sour flavors seem sweet.


Fruiting varieties available include:
P. edulis/flavicarpa
P.alata x quadrangularis
P. molissima
P. ligularis


Dwarf Jamaican Red, Red Iholene, Kru, Gold Finger, Thousand Finger, Lady Finger, Valery, Ty Ty Gold, Pisang Raja, Raja Puri, Better Select, Ice Cream, Dwarf Brazilian, Haa Haa, Hua Moa, Mysore, Zan Moreno


Allophylus edulis - Chali Chali - From a comperable latitude in Brazil, it grows well here. Foliage is ornamental and is a spectacular site when covered with 1/4" bright red sweet berries.

Averrhoa carambola - Star Fruit - seedlings available now; grafted plants of varieties selected for this area available in the future.

Butia capitata - Jelly Palm - small and large plants available

Casimiroa edulis - White Sapote - plants grafted to "Vernon", my personal favorite variety

Davidsonia pruriens - Davidson's plum - native to the Australian temperate rainforests; foliage is unique and very appealing;fruits are up to 2" on racemes,looking much like plums;flavor is too tart to eat out of hand, but Australians make their favorite jam with this fruit.

Diospyros digyna - Black Sapote - actually a persimmon relative. In addition to it's tasty fruits, the tree is ornamental.

Eriobotrya jaonica -Loquat - grafted plants of "Strawberry", a Horace Whittaker selection with an excellent acid/sugar balance.

Flacourtia indica - Governor's plum

Garcinia and Rheedia species occasionally available, please check for availability

Harpephyllum caffrum - Kaffir Plum -columnar growing tree is a mango relative producing 1"+ dark red fruits with a sweet/tart flavor.

Inga sp. - Ice Cream Bean - this species from the highlands of Ecuador grows well here. The tree is fast growing with a spreading canopy, making an ideal shade tree. Pods have a sweet edible pulp.Other Inga species also available.

Melicocus bijugatus - Genip or Spanish lime - Lychee relative with tasty fruit, needing winter protection

PAPAYA - plants and cuttings available from:

Mexican variety from the Yucutan.

Physalis peruviana - Poha Berry, or Cape gooseberry- this tomato relative produces very good sweet/tart orange fruits enclosed in "Chinese lanterns"

Pineapple - "Varigated" ornamental green and white leaves tinged with pink, fruit producing as well. Other varieties may be available soon.

PITAHAYA - plants and cuttings from many species of Hylocereus and Selinocereus; climbing plants produce huge nocturnal flowers and a truly wonderful fruit. It is recommended to plant two different clones or species for crosspollination.

Podocarpus elatus - Illawarra Plum - Australian native will tolerate frost, male and female plants required for fruit.Fruit is rich purple-black color with the seed growing outside the fruit. this is a popular plant in the resurgence of Australian "bushfood"

Prunus Lyonii - Catalina Cherry - Native to that Island, this attractive tree produces racemes of very dark fruit with a good flavor, though not much pulp

Prunus salicifolia - Capulin Cherry - seedlings and plants grafted to our selection "La Roca Grande" - fruits can be sampled when in season.

Theobroma cacao - Chocolate tree - Too cold sensitive to grow outdoors, but it makes a great houseplant.


Black pepper vine - Piper nigrum

Laurus nobilis - true Mediterranean Bay

Vanilla vine - this orchid makes a great house plant

Lemon grass - an ingredient in exotic dishes and source of an herbal tea.

Kaffir lime - Citrus hystrix - aromatic leaves flavor many dishes

Allspice - leaves can be used to flavor many dishes;dried ground berries are the famous spice.


Buddha's Hand Citron - unusual fingered fruit is very aromatic and a part of certain Eastern religious cerimonies.It makes an excellent marmalade.

Orange berry - Glycosmis citrifolia and pentaphylla - Australian natives with pinkish 3/8"+ fruits juicy and sweet.


Raspberry "Oregon 10-30" - named after its research trial # in Oregon. Although it failed there, some propagation material made its way to Vista, where it flourished and was grown commercially some 40 years ago.

Blackberry "Cherokee" an upright growing variety with great fruit.

Mulberry (well, not a real berry, but had to put it somewhere) cuttings of "Pakistan" and "Black Persian"


Since our plants are constantly growing and being repotted into larger containers, we have found a fixed price list is always out of date. Please call or e-mail for current size availability and price. Generally seedlings in 1 gal pots range from $5 to $10 depending on size and rarity. Once in 5 gal containers they are usually $15 and up again depending on size and rarity. Grafted plants are $20 to $25. We have people over by appointment only, having to arrange around our work schedule. We are located in San Diego's North County, 3 miles East of I-15 off West Lilac Rd. Please call or e-mail for a time and directions.

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