"Specializing in Figs and Bananas in San Diego"

Thank you for your interest in Encanto Farms Nursery.

I have enjoyed growing fruiting plants all of my life and selling plants locally in San Diego for more than 30 years. I do not want sell you a plant that is not appropriate for you, so I have shared what I know about each one at Figs 4 Fun and We Be Bananas.

My experience is in Southern California, and may not be applicable to your location. If I do not know something, I will tell you so. I know what it is like to be in the customer’s shoes because I have purchased more than my share of plants over the years. It is my hope that I can treat you in the way that I would want to be treated. Because I have been more oriented to growing, experimenting and educating (as well as keeping up with a "regular" job) I have had to do some things differently than you may be used to.

Generally, one gallon plants will be $20, and 2 gallon plants are $25, though there will be a few (yes, few means few) exceptions for things which have been especially difficult to propagate. Some plants are in 5 gallon pots, $30. Plants are available for pick-up only.

Current fig availability includes:

Aida, Alma, Beale, Black Mission NL, Blue Celeste, Cali Maria, Col de Dame, Colorado Violet, Emerald Strawberry/143-36, Encanto Red, Falls Gold, Golden Celeste, Golden Riverside/278-128, Good Leaf, Hollier, Long Yellow, LSU Gold, Negronne, Nero, Osborn Prolific, Panache, Paradiso, Raja S2, Shirazzi, Strawberry Verte, Uttaree Raajah, Verdal Longue, Very Dark Greek, Violet Sepor, Vista, Yede Vern, Yellow Brown Greek, and more.

We also have a good stock of rootstocks for grafting. Bring you scion and we'll find a suitably sized root stock.

We also have Sugar Cane, Pitangas, Cherimoyas, Cannas, Coffee, Eugenia Cotinfolia, Floss Silk Tree/Cebia speciosa.

If you are interested in fig trees, you must be aware that we have an extensive collection of varieties. As a result of their many places of origin, including USDA/UC Davis, they have all been exposed to Fig Mosaic Virus (FMV) and most likely are infected with it (though not all exhibit symptoms). Some of our varieties have come from the finest sources in the country, and they have been similarly infected. We do not consider this to be a problem and the United States Department of Agriculture agrees, noting that it is “ubiquitous” even in many wild populations of trees. But we understand that some people are concerned. It is not possible to have a collection of this size and not have FMV, just as it is not possible to obtain most of these varieties from uninfected sources. If this is of concern to you, you will probably want to refrain from purchasing. We have used names for all of the figs, which they had when we received them, unless they were unmistakably mislabeled. The pictures at Figs 4 Fun will serve to identify them as what they actually are here in San Diego (given the difference of climates, soil, fertilizer, caprification, etc. "your results will vary"). Hopefully this is full disclosure.


We grow 100s of fig varieties. Encanto Farms is definitely a "boutique" nursery, producing our own plants in very limited quantities, as we have our own cuttings available for propagation. Everything we sell, we also grow in our orchard, so we have real experience with these plants.


We grow more than 60 banana varieties. All banana plants will be pups from our in-ground orchard collection. This limits availability, but provides a better plant and a shorter time to maturity than tissue-cultured plants. Everything we sell, we also grow in our orchard, so we have real experience with these plants. All banana plants are dug when purchased and sold bareroot.

Finally, we owe debt of gratitude to many people who have shared cuttings and plants with us over the years, which has enabled us to make many of these varieties available. If you have varieties, which are not yet a part of our collection, we would enjoy receiving cuttings or plants to add to the collection (at our expense, of course).

We hate spam and junk e-mail more than you do, so your e-mail address will be used by the nursery and no one else on the planet for any other reason whatsoever.